Thursday, 23 July 2009

July downpours

July this year as had it's fair share of rain, and often very heavy when it falls.
So far (23rd) the total is about 130mm, 5 inches.
Notably there was 25mm on the 3rd, 52mm on the 17th and 18mm on the 23rd.

This is as nothing compared to the deluge commencing on 20th July 1930.
The following clips are from The Times newspaper.
It's evident that the higher ground from Egton to Danby and Castleton received considerably more than the coast.
We might assume that much of the Esk catchment over the high moors had totals approaching 20 inches.
The chart shows a similar situation to this year on the 17th - A slow moving low pressure system in the southern North Sea.
Fortunately this year it moved away quite rapidly, and about 2 inches fell in 24 hours.
The 1930 total was almost 12 inches at Castleton over four days.

This flood damaged several bridges and swept away the dam which served Westerdale Mill.

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