Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mobile phone coverage

Danby Parish Council are engaged in a concerted effort to improve the coverage round the area as it is clear the half-hearted mini-mast thing Orange have on The Howe is very poor even when you can see it!

Orange have been typically arrogant with their response; they do not want to know because they would rather fight for customers in town where there is already a choice of networks and even proper 3G data [shock!]

Letters have been sent to Robert Goodwill MP, his responses seem to suggest little interest but may be worth following up.
Probably the best plan would be to get the media involved - they don't like that!

Robert Goodwill MP

Orange PCS LTD
St James Court
Great Park Road
Almondsbury Park
Bradley Stoke
BS32 4QJ

Email to Orange is unlikely to do any good.
No matter how much detail you include, they will tell you to turn your handset off and on again, or stand near a window.
You cannot get beyond this level of 'service' unless you write a letter.

When the equipment was originally put on The Howe, the plan was for a mast about 50% taller - which would have reached Westerdale village and been at least somewhat better all round.
At the planning stage certain individuals pressed for the pole to be made of wood so it would look better.
This necessitated a shorter pole with reduced coverage.
The Howe is far from the ideal location, it was only chosen as there was already a pole there with a TV relay for the lower parts of Castleton and Danby Dale.

It's high time a more usable service was available to most of the area

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  1. I couldn't disagree more! Westerdale is a mobile-free paradise. Lets keep it that way!


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