Friday, 9 September 2011

Himalayan Balsam

I noticed a few plants of this growing on the banks of The Esk near the cricket ground.
It's considered a serious invasive species but at least is relatively easy to tackle, unlike Japanese Knotweed!
If you see young plants it really is a good idea to do away with them on the spot, as when they become well established they can cover large areas and shade out all other plants.

Related to 'Bizzy Lizzies' the plant is not unattractive, but please don't let it get out of control and become a serious problem like in the lower reaches of the Esk.
You can simply dig them up or cut repeatedly, they are quite easily killed with Glyphosate or a selective weedkiller such as might be used for thistles.
The main thing is to stop them seeding as they produce very large numbers of seeds which can fire from the pods for a considerable distance.

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