Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Photos from 1980

Browsing around flickr the other evening, I found some recently uploaded photos taken in April 1980 by Andy "Woodmanshack".(click to see more)

He has a large number of excellent Yorkshire scenes from that period but the Westerdale ones are well worth showing here as many will find them interesting.
Many thanks to Andy for uploading these great quality images and allowing them to be shown here.

Starting near Castleton, the most striking difference is perhaps how much larger the trees are now - partly concealing several of the buildings.

Cattle at Dibble Bridge rather than horses

Looking along Westerdaleside

The village from Dale View lane

Note Bill Hardisty's immaculate haystacks!

The Hall when it was still a YHA.
The grounds are kept much tidier now!

Village and Church from near Hall Farm
'Dick' in foreground.
Again the view seems much more closed in by foliage now even in winter.
Kestrel House (hard to see) had only been completed the year before.

Several changes in this scene, perhaps most noteworthy the Dale View fields by the moor in the distance are now well established woodland, planted by Jonathan Morely

Another shot of The Hall as YHA, I think the notice on the gate used to say "No admittance until 5pm but rucksacks may be left QUIETLY!"

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