Saturday, 7 September 2013

September rain event

It seems to happen quite often that we get a quite serious rain event as Summer starts to turn into Autumn.
This year has been no exception with 52.2mm of rain on the 6th.
Most of this fell between about 10am and 5pm so a very wet day - the wettest since 18th July 2009, which just beat it with 52.9mm

The river was rather low since it has been dry for some time, indeed the summer as a whole has been well below average but never exactly a drought with short wet spells keeping things green.

There was probably most of twice as much over the high ground, and fro example the slopes from Castleton Rigg and Blue Shales were streaming water into Tower Beck by mid-afternoon.
The Esk peaked a little later and covered the cricket pitch but generally was not exceptionally high,

Water from the small pond at Blue Shales - which had been almost dry - streaming across the road.

Upstream from the ford on Tower Beck

Typical minor fence damage due to the debris washed down as much as the water itself.

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