Saturday, 16 January 2016

Village Hall broadband

After several months of behind scenes work, broadband is now available with a speed around 6Mb download.
The installation managed to avoid any further inconvenient poles which is a good thing!
It is hoped to run computer open days and courses, if you are interested in this please get in touch.

On a wider note it is still unclear if Westerdale will ever get high(er) speeds through fibre.
There is a plan to install one cabinet at Castleton but it is unlikely to make much difference at more than 2km, however it *might* still be at least as good down and allow faster upload speeds. are implying that fibre will never reach most of those who don't have it arriving imminently and the best option will be satellite.
This really is the last possible option and is known to be slow, unreliable and expensive.
If you can already get a reasonable speed around 2MB/s or better on ADSL it is probably not worthwhile though again the upload speed might be better.

If we had fast broadband it would also much simplify installing a small mobile phone mast.
The Mobile Infrastructure Project which offered much hope for this a couple of years ago seems to have failed dismally after discovering that hard to cover areas are hard to cover.
(of 18 masts proposed in the North York Moors none have been built)

In Westerdale's case there is no simple way to establish a microwave link to the rest of the network unless a further installation somehow repeated it from Glaisdale.
However for a limited number of users fast broadband could replace the microwave link.

At present nothing seems to be happening with regard to this, other than the favoured obfuscation and delaying tactics such as passing on to other offices.
I did ask Arqiva on but the question was too difficult and after acknowledging the email they have declined to reply as yet.

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