Sunday, 29 April 2018

Broadband updates

As ever, progress is painstakingly slow.
However Moorsweb are have done some successful tests, and are hoping to extend WiFi broadband to Westerdale probably later this year.

They have recently extended to other problem areas in Glaisdale and Fryup as well as Danby Dale. Moorsweb offer quite fast speeds ate reasonable cost, however most customers would need a separate line rental for phoneline - which is often included in ADSL and fibre deals.

There is still a chance that *eventually* a fibre cabinet might be installed to cover part of the dale but even then the more remote properties might not see any benefit - so the WiFi would likely be best option there.
 In the meantime, since 10th April Castleton exchange has been updated to offer ADSL2 and ADSL2+ This is effectively a way to increase bandwidth on existing lines.
However, as always the further you are from exchange the less any improvement from changing over will be.

 If you get around 5mb or more on ADSL, asking your ISP to enable ADSL2/2+ might give you 1mb or more download speed, and a useful increase in upload speed (typically 0.4mb will go up to 0.5 or 0.6mb). These are only rough estimates and it is possible that some installations might see no improvement at all.

To switch you need to be able to access router settings.
If the ADSL is set on Auto just restart the router after asking the ISP to change you over.
Or manually change it to ADSL2 or 2+
ADSL2+ will potentially give slightly faster speeds - so worth trying.

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