Saturday, 22 December 2018

Hidden Westerdale

Bagdale Beck - culvert outfall near the village

This probably dates to when the Hall was built and the road re-aligned.
On the South side of the road, usually hidden in vegetation stone horse troughs are still in place.
Before this was improved, previously traffic probably went further up the common and crossed the stream below the church (now a footpath) - or perhaps both routes were used and neither were particularly good - so you took your chances!
There was a further crossing point downstream more directly between the Hall and Castleton Road - probably usually too difficult for any kind of vehicle.

Simple bridge over Tower Beck
A basic design and quite roughly built with dry stone wall technique, but the stone slabs are very large, and must have been quite challenging to get to the site and position securely.
So much so that it seems like too much trouble to link little more than two fields - perhaps the ford and footbridge not far downstream superceded it.

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