Monday, 17 August 2020

Fibre Broadband on the way

 This fibre cabinet appeared mid-July but no fibre to it yet.
You would think it ought to be live before the end of the year and hopefully before Autumn - then it will be interesting how far the improved speeds reach.
There are online prediction tools but they don't know the exact route lines take or the condition of them.

Fibre to the cabinet is not as fast as fibre to premises but the village and anyone within a mile or so should see a dramatic improvement to at least 20mb download speed.

Moorsweb WiFi has been available (subject to survey) for several months and is a decent alternative but with some limits on GB downloaded.
You would also need a separate line rental for phone, which would be included with a fibre Broadband contract.

In a separate development a small radio mast has appeared on Back Lane, it is part of national coverage for a new smart meter network (electricity) but probably not actually live as yet. 

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