Monday, 8 February 2010

Requesting grit for bins or heaps

The never-ending cold this winter means most if not all the roadside salt piles have been mostly used up.

Until recently it was possible to ring up Whitby Highways if salt piles or bins needed topping up, but in their quest for efficiency(!) North Yorkshire Council have changed that number to 0845 872 7374 which directs you to Northallerton.
Someone will then attempt to locate where you are talking about - but they will have no idea where Westerdale is let alone the detail of a dangerous bank or bend.

You can use this online form or email them at to ask that they be topped up as soon as possible.
Note, the online form only allows a couple of sentences to describe the location.

The official line is that due to depleted stocks each request will be considered individually. If ice or snow on a section of road constitutes a real danger it's more likely they will respond.

It's rather irksome that it has being made more difficult to inform them that grit is needed, when they have just announced increased council tax to pay for the additional gritting!
Most salt comes from Boulby mine just over the hill anyway.

Gritting routes are shown below - blue #1 priority. purple #2 priority.

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